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This is what I did in my Visual Test days.

A cheesy, but effect method is to output a tab delimitted text file
and import it into a spreadsheet that is nicely formated.
Then insert a sheet for every run for history.

Here's the basics

Set up an error handler so if a script bombs you can capture an error
message and log it.
Open a text file for output
do the typical basic style print command.
at the top of a script set a local or global error handler and
print the script test info with a comma at the end.
This causes the next print to append that line.
Run the validation code then
At the bottom of a script add the pass message.
If an error is discovered
The trap is executed capturing the failure and
run code to restore a baseline or to recover so the next
test case can run

sub Main
Open "C:\MyText.txt" for output as #1
Close #1
End sub

sub TestCase01
On Error goto Error1
Print #1,"TestCase 01","Verfiy Customer Delete",Date$,Time$,
DO the SCRIPT test validation STUFF HERE
Print #1,Time$,"Pass"
Exit Sub
Print #1,Time$,"Fail","Error "&ERR&":"ERROR$
Do anything necessary to restore baseline or return to main screen...
End sub