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    Running results on a test log.

    User Iain Miskimmin (Iain.Miskimmin@infrasoft-civil.com) posted:

    Dear all.
    I am testing a project management system. It has users which can have a veriety of permissions.
    There are six permissions. So I have created a binary way to test all the different combinations.
    eg: User 000000 has no permissions and user 111111 has all permissions and all the in between permutations.
    For each of the users I am testing whether they can add groups, add projects, amend other users etc.
    In each script, for each function I have put in Suspended VPs with else ifs etc. So if the user does not have permission the script logs a warning and goes onto the next.
    I know what to expect on each of these and how many warnings should be produced.

    So..... Is there a way that the suite can check whether a certain amount of warning messages have been produced? If so how? If not, are there any suggestions on how I can log the expected results and compare the expected with the actual to get a big fat PASS at the end?

    Thank you for all your help so far. Its been a little more usefull than rational themselves!!
    Blue Sky's
    Iain Miskimmin

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    Re: Running results on a test log.

    User (david.marsh@gb.abb.com) posted:

    You can capture the text from the warning box, so you can check the warning
    is correct (although counting is great I would also want to check that the
    warning was correct).

    Depends on our app, an as I am not near the test rig this is from my hazy
    memory. Their is a window class most ofteb used for error messages (was
    it #32770) so some ting like in non SQA psuedo code, anyway this is crap
    but just a starting idea

    ExpectedErrors(1) = 1
    ExpectedErrors(2) = 3
    ExpectedErrors(3) = 2
    ExpectedErrors(4) = 5
    ExpectedErrors(5) = 6
    ExpectedErrors(6) = 7
    ExpectedErrors(7) = 8

    for PermissionCounter = 1 to 7
    Set up your next permission
    for CaptureErrors = 1 to ExpectedErrors(PermissionCounter)
    If WindowID = ExpectedID
    Report "unexpected window"
    End if
    End for
    End for




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