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    Version control rides again

    User (david.marsh@gb.abb.com) posted:

    Come to think of it we have the same thing here. At present our version
    control consists of us using a zip drive to take stuff from the test LAN
    (in another room) then putting it on a machine on the main LAN and checking
    it in.

    We also have a bit of a side issue that there is a machine with a second
    version of the application to be tested that will from time to time have
    different screens and functionallity. This is a development build that
    will later appear on our test LAN when we do a full build.

    So updates on the deveopment build will be needed on the test LAN but not

    Any ideas on keeping all that under control?



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    Re: Version control rides again

    User Crunk John (ext3jpc) (ext3jpc@ups.com) posted:

    Sounds like multiple projects in your version control software. As far as I
    am concerned version control is not an option it is a necessity. If it is
    optional for you, then you are asking for trouble. Kind' a like making a
    backup an optional decision. It's not! Don't tempt fate.


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    Re: Version control rides again

    User (david.marsh@gb.abb.com) posted:

    I've arranged a meeting with our CM guy for Monday, what annoys me is that
    at Merant and here we get CM software but no training on how to get the
    best from it.

    Shame really.

    Oh I also make physical back ups as well as checking stuf into our CM
    software here (versions).




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    Re: Version control rides again

    User Marcus Neto (marcus_neto@hotmail.com) posted:


    There is still no replacement for using VSS(Visual Source Safe) if you have
    it available to you. But there are some caveats, like you cannot use VPs and
    such as they are not part of the original .rec file. But there are easy ways
    around using them anyway so it isn't a bad idea to do away with them. Then
    opnce you start using VSS you can really keep track of your updates and roll
    back if need be.

    Marcus Neto
    __________________________________________________ _______________

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    Re: Version control rides again

    User (david.marsh@gb.abb.com) posted:

    We don't use VSS, I don't know what we are using and it has not even been
    set up yet.

    Makes you wonder though, if version control is crucial to the success of a
    project, how did they manage to write the first version control system?
    (Do automated test tools get tested with automation)?

    Anyways, we have an intergration PC on the LAN with automation set up so we
    will version that, then the version software can make a note of what
    versions of what were being used when we do a full build, this will then be
    checked out to the test LAN via zip disk. I am getting everything set up
    on my side, at least it will save us doing our triple backup system!



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    Re: Version control rides again

    User Aidy Rutter (AidyR@TrustMarque.com) posted:

    Just put the .rec files in source-safe and keep the VP folder out.

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    Re: Version control rides again

    User Schoen, Torsten 3865 PPE-QA1 (Torsten.Schoen@de.heidelberg.com) posted:

    Hi fellows,

    has anyone tried the open source vsc's WinCVS or CVS? I plan on
    experimenting with them soon and wonder if anyone else has already?


    Torsten Schoen
    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG



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