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Hi John,

Yes, I have been told this recently as well. The issue was "SiteMonitor
hangs when sending mail if the Outlook security update was installed" They
blamed Microsoft for that and I was almost taken in until I realised that
one of our own apps had no problem with this update and we did not have to
make any changes to make it work.

The issue is not who is to blame. Rational, like ourselves, must have known
that SP2 was likely to be released around the same time as 2001A. They could
decide to test with it or not. If they decided not to test then what does
that say about their attitude to their customers. If they tested and did not
find this problem what does this say about the adequacy of the testing they
conducted. You only have to press every button on the TM toolbar to reveal
the problem. If they found the problem and did nothing about it then that is
equally unacceptable.

Rational have, as advertised on their web site, "a strategic relationship
with Microsoft". Is it not time they started working with them to eliminate
problems such as this for the benefit of us, their customers, instead of
looking for someone to blame? I think so.


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