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    New Robot Bug? On Error Go To...

    User MArk B. (mkbutler@russellmellon.com) posted:

    Did anyone else know about this behavior?

    In one sub I've got "On Error GoTo EH". That sub has the label "EH:" in it.
    From that sub, I called a function. In that function I didn't have any error
    handling code. So, when an error happened in that function guess what
    happened? It went to EH: in the sub!

    Is this right? I wouldn't thing so. I'd expect it to show the error from
    within the function.

    version: 2000.02.10

    MArk B.

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    Re: New Robot Bug? On Error Go To...

    User Tim Gerrells (tim@intellocity.com) posted:

    Typical VB-like error handling: check current function/sub and, if a) no
    handling or b) can't handle it then goto next higher error
    object/sub/function, on up until it is a) handled or b) GPFs or c) [fill in
    the blank].

    Do take care with error handlers in recursive functions.



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