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Hi All,
I have been assigned to the testing team recently. I have been asked to
evaluate and present a testing strategy. Though I have worked for about 3
years writing code, I am not very conversant with the testing process and we
recently started the testing team. I compiled a list of tools and how they
should be used. Can you please confirm if this is correct.

1. Tests by the developers
- White Box Test
Coverage, Purify, profiling

- Smoke Test
…nightly build with test of whole application and unit test

2. Test by external testing team
- Black Box Test (Alpha Tests)
with Rational Test Robot

- support of White Box test scripts for developers

3. Beta Tests by Quality Assurance Group
- Validation Test of whole application

- Component Test

Can you please suggest what Ratinal testing tools would be helpful too? and
anyother testing strategies that are good.

Thanks in advance

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