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To all users....

Check your personal email settings. If you are sending emails to the list
and have your email set to respond when read then you are responsible for
sending out blanks emails to everyone on the list. To change your settings
in Outlook goto Tools->Options. Click on the Email Options button. Click on
the tracking options button and then uncheck the check marks for request a
read receipt and request a delivery receipt. I don't have directions for
other applications but please check with someone onsite if you are unsure of
what your email delivery or read options are set to...You will save the rest
of us a lot of headaches...

Nancy you are not going crazy and yes it is annoying that people sign up to
a list and then have automatic responses sent that they are out of the
office on vacation, or automatic responses sent to tell them when everyone
has read their email. This is considered bad behavior in the online world. I
wish that they would do like the rest of us and set up a Hotmail or Yahoo
account(both Free) and then let the email pile up for as long as you want...

Marcus Neto

From: Nancy Seitz <>
Reply-To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <>
To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <>
Subject: RE: OT Weird Emails
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 10:56:40 -0400

Since Friday I have been getting emails from the digest with the subject:
"Read: sqa-suite-users digest: June 15, 2001"
and the content

"Your message

To: sqa-suite-users digest recipients
Subject: sqa-suite-users digest: June 15, 2001
Sent: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 06:00:30 +0200

was read on Mon, 18 Jun 2001 07:48:32 +0200"

and I agree, it is annoying - any help for getting rid of these?