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we are offering an updated version of our data driven testing seminar.


Implementing An Effective Real World Data-Driven Automated Testing Framework
Using The Integrated Features And Products In Rational Suite TestStudio 2001
CSST Technologies, Inc. and Midwest Software Test Lab, Inc. are jointly
offering this two-day seminar at the MST Lab facilities in St. Louis MO July
19-20. The seminar discusses the advantages and disadvantages of software
test automation, the basic skill sets required to perform automation tasks,
the basics of test case and test script design, the complexities of test
data design and construction, and advanced integration features of Rational
Suite TestStudio 2001/2001A. Two important features of the seminar are that
it offers simple solutions to complex test automation integration problems
and that it includes proprietary scripting writing techniques for enhancing
and extending the life of your automated tests.

It reviews the SQABasic language syntax and semantics as they pertain to
writing powerful feature-packed test scripts with Rational Suite
TestStudio's Robot product. It presents real-world examples of data driven
test script design and construction. It also illustrates advanced writing
and editing features that that allow data entry, data retrieval, and data
verification via automated test scripts through the application GUI. It is
intended for intermediate to advanced users of the SQA Robot.

It also covers test data design and construction techniques that will guide
TestStudio users from test requirements specification through test data
development and on to test script implementation. The integrated features of
TestStudio that are covered include RequisitePro integration with
TestManager, RequisitePro integration with ClearQuest, and TestManager
integration with Robot for executing functional and reliability tests.
Who Should Attend This Seminar?

Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Software Test
Managers, Software Test Engineers, and Software Engineers who are involved
in the development and execution of automated test scripts using SQA Suite
during Unit, Integration/Regression and System tests of 2 and 3-tier
Client-Server systems should attend this seminar.


Daniel J. Mosley, CSTE
Principal and Owner CSST Technologies
Bruce Posey
Principal and Owner Archer Group

Why should you consider taking a TestStudio seminar from CSST Technologies,

Dan Mosley:

CSST Technologies, Inc. has a track record of training for companies and
institutions such as United Parcel Service, Internal Revenue Service, NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center, Cincinnati Bell Information Systems, Union
Pacific Technologies, etc. In addition, over the past six years Dan Mosley
has consulted on projects using SQA/Rational products at Anheuser Busch,
Maritz Travel Company, Deutsche Financial Services, The Depository Trust
Company, Clark Refining & Marketing Inc., and Convergys (formerly Cincinnati
Bell Information Systems)

He has used SQA/Rational products from the very first versions until now.
Lastly, He is the author of "The Handbook of MIS Application Software
Testing" Prentice-Hall Yourdon Press 1993. He is also the author of
“Client-Server Software Testing on the Desktop and Web, Prentice Hall,
1999.” Please visit the CSST Technologies, Inc. web site if you want more
information about CSST or about his credentials.

Bruce Posey:

Bruce has been using SQA/Rational Products for 7+ years at MasterCard
International Inc., on several projects, at Deutsche Financial Services,
and at Clark Refining & Marketing Inc. (Currently Premcor Inc.), at SBC and
at He is the owner and principal of the Archer Group a
consulting firm specializing in Software Testing and Training.
PLEASE Confirm your attendance as soon as possible. We limit our seminar
size to a max. of 15 and a minimum of 8.

The price for this two-day seminar is $1095.00. Multiple attendees from the
same company receive a discount of $100.00 for each additional person for
early registration. The discounted price for multiple registrations is
$1049.00 if not made within two weeks of the seminar date. Payments and
purchase orders received by July 1st will receive a $100.00 discount.
Seminar registrations can be e-mailed, or called via voice to the numbers
below. Please include your name, your company name and address, email
address and voice phone numbers where we can reach you during business

Daniel. J. Mosley, CSTE
Owner and Principal Consultant/Instructor
CSST Technologies
Voice 314-567-0774
Fax 314-432-6608


Linda Miller
Midwest Software Test Lab, Inc
11116 South Towne Square Drive, Suite 101
Saint Louis, MO 63123
(314) 487-1178