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    Robot Proxy API\'s

    User (PKaralis@clinsoft.net) posted:

    Has anyone tried to implement the Rational Robot Proxy API's?

    The documentation sucks. It is not helpful. Nobody at Rational Support
    can seem to help me out
    with answering any type of questions I might have. I even asked support to
    get a document from
    Rational Development engineers to clear the muddy waters on this subject
    and cannot seem
    to get a valid response. It's always the same generic answer "Follow the
    Robot Proxy API docs".

    I am begining to believe that these proxy classes do not work.

    I have created a new class that implements one of the Rational Robot

    I have mapped this class to a robot object (JavaTable).

    Then nothing works in Robot. All objects are referred to as javaTables.


    -Peter Karalis

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    Re: Robot Proxy API\'s

    User (perry.w.hunter@exgate.tek.com) posted:

    I did a couple of weeks of work in testing with various proxy mapping
    schemes and saw no improvement in recognition of objects or playback in our
    Java applications. The documentation fails to mention that the correct way
    to map the proxies is as an equivalency in the Javaclassmap.dat file, like

    tek.swing.plaf.PhoenixComboBoxUI=rational.robot.jf c.JfcComboBoxProxy

    The tek.swing.plaf.PhoenixComboBoxUI stuff is a custom ComboBox class our
    developers wrote. We tried mapping to both JFC and AWT classes. I'm back to
    using an empty Javaclassmap.dat file.




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