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Many questions.

Head hurt.

Yes, testers do all of the above and more.
Sometimes less.
Sometimes do too much.
Manual test good, sometimes no need to automate,
especially if one-off application.
Writing down is good, using Word is good,
sometimes it all doesn’t matter.

Example timely tip from ‘42:
When testing the berryllium trigger,
be CERTAIN to separate it from the
plutonium implosion core
by at LEAST 3 feet.

Who knew?

Figured this one out
20 yrs after radiation dimmed
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Do testers out there automate directly from use-cases/low-level
requirements, or do they run a manual test first and then automate?

Do they write down the test steps of the manual test? Do they keep this in
word or Rational ManualTest?

Do you think it's a good idea to write down the test steps first, then

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