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Does anyone have a small, neat example of how to read and write an INI file. I
want to use an INI file to contain parameters for the test run and access the
appropriate section and get the relevant parameters that will control options in
the test run etc. I am testing mainframe applications via an emulator. I want
to, for example, control the amount of info scraped from screens and read the
"Log" section of an INI file....

Basic (or Detail)

then act on that INI setting.

Also, I envisage that I will want to write to sections in the INI file and
insert or replace that sections contents.

Any examples will be appreciated.

While I have got your attention, can anyone recommend test tools that do not
have the licencing problems that Team Test has, ie, I really want a tool that
can compile the script and run on any PC, not just the few PC's that have
licences for Rational.

I do not use most of Rational functionality, so the licence costs are excessive
and unnecessary.

Greg Hepburn.