User Tom Ba ( posted:

Good grief.

Alrightiee then.

What next trick?
Portly pill-popping Paul
pulls paltry poultry from hat?

Make mine a wabbit.
Now returning to
regularly scheduled
record and playback

Sent: Friday,May 11,2001 3:40 PM
To: SQA Suite Team Test Users
Subject: Re: SBL's v's Record & Playback vs REC files

You can pass parameters to a rec file, with a little sleight of hand. See
the appended example. However, it is better to use real function

Cheers . . . Paul

'-- Script_1 ----------------------------------------------

Declare Sub Script_2 BasicLib "Script_2" Alias "Main2" (Optional vValue as

Sub Main

Script_2 "Certum est quia impossibile est. "

End Sub

'-- Script_2 ----------------------------------------------
__________________________________________________ _______________