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I have an MS Access database I use for something similar. It will be one of
the things I'm presenting at the conference. I'm using it for storing
database vendor specific SQL strings in but it works just fine for
Localization stuff too.

The way it works is that it has a list of "languages", and a list of strings
that are associated to each language. If language is not important to a
particular string then you can specify and "any" value. Each string is
identified by its language and a unique identifier. There is a column in
each row for storing the SQABasic constant to use with that particular
string. The scripts dynamically determine the correct language to use at
runtime and then retrieve the correct string based on the combined key of
the constant for the string and the language identifier.

That probably didn't make sense but it works.

It will be available after the conference. (Or sooner if you want to pay big
$$ for it)

MArk B.