Hi Everyone,
I am evaluating Rational Robot. And trying to record some test case scenario, but I am having some problem when I am playing back the recorded script. It is happening, because Robot does not correctly playback some of the Java Script enabled pull down menu in our web application. If I record these things using Low Level Recording, it correctly plays back, but problem with low level recording is, if I change the resolution of the monitor or playback in another computer with different resolution, it gives problem (means does not go further).
I am wondering, if there is any work around to resolve this problem without using low level recording? If there is not, what is the solution for computer resolution changes for playing back script recorded using low level recording?
To give you better understanding of the situation, I have provided here link to our public web site which uses the same type of Java Script pull down menu as our application under test. Please, record the scenario
1> Without using low level recording
2> Using Low level recording.
And please, give me feed back:
1. whether it is successful to play back in first case?
2. In second case, is it successfully plays back if you change the screen resolution?

1. Go to http://www.provato.com
2. In Provato Home page, go (Mouse Over) to the <<partner>> Menu (HtmlLink) in the top -right, it will expand down.
3. Go to Sub-Menu (pull down) <<Become a Partner>> and Click on it.
4. Fill up the form and hit the <<Submit Online>> button.

In my case, if I record the script without using low level recording, it does not play back from step 3 to step 4. And if I record the script using low level recording, it plays back correctly in normal situation but If I change the resolution of the computer, it again fails to go from step 3 to step 4 , most of the time, it goes elsewhere.

Thanks and I will be waiting for your feedback

Purna Poudel
SQA Engineer
Provato inc.
Oakland , CA
Tel: (510) 285-0366
email : purna.poudel@provato.com