I recently emailed Rational about specifying the test log when a script is run from the command line. The response is below. How would I automatically change the log folder on every run in a batch file? The script runs every night at 3:00am and I want to change the log folder every day so that I can view the results whenever I want.




I'm assuming that for each run of the script, you want to save it as a
separate log. You can specify this in the command line. (the options are
not listed in the documentation as an oversight, but the ability to specify
log information in the command line does exist). Here is the syntax. It
would be in the same type of format same as the other arguments.

/build buildname

Name of the build in which to create the log folder. If the specified build
does not exist, it is created.

/logfolder logfoldername

Name of the log folder in which to create the log. If the specified log
folder does not exist, it is created.

/log logname

Name of the log in which to record the results of running the specified
suite. If the log exists, you must specify the overwrite option.

For example:
rtrobo.exe testscript /user admin /project "C:\Projects\Default\default.rsp"
/build "Build 1" /logfolder Default /log testscript /play /close