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For anyone who might be interested, we (CSST and MST Labs) are offering a 2
day seminar in Software Testing Best Practices in St. Louis MO on May 21st
and May 22nd. I have included a short description here, but I will provide a
detailed content outline to those who are interested via private email.

Software Testing Methods, Techniques, and Tools: Best Practices
Presented by Daniel J. Mosley, CSST Technologies, Inc.

Software testing methods, techniques, and tools for implementing a world
class testing organization have been available for a number of years, but
have yet to be adopted in many organizations. This seminar is designed to
provide testing practitioners with the skills to manage the testing process,
to design and execute tests that are repeatable, and to analyze and report
test results that will provide you and your company with the capability to
bring its testing practices up to the state of the art.

Length: 2 Days

Ingredients of Good Testing Practice
Implementing and Managing Software Testing Activities
Software Testing Supporting Elements

For more information or to register, please call 314-567-0774 or fax

Daniel J. Mosley

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