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    How to Save Options in V2001 of Robot?

    User AJEsser (ajesser@picwisconsin.com) posted:

    In our prior version of Robot (7.5), once I set parameters under the GUI
    Playback Options it stayed that way until I changed it. It appears in V2001
    that you have to reset every time you come into Robot if you want different
    settings than the defaults.

    I also noticed the same type thing occurring with Rational Administrator as
    far as saving projects. The project stays for the day, but once I shut down
    the computer for the day, I need to re-configure the project the next day.

    Does anyone know what I am missing doing? There are not apply buttons in
    either of these cases. I looked around in the documentation, but must be
    missing it somehow.

    Any advice would be great. TIA!


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    Re: How to Save Options in V2001 of Robot?

    User Markus Klostermann (Markus.Klostermann@de.adp.com) posted:

    With my V2001 Robot saved the option of not logging anything correctly.



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    Re: How to Save Options in V2001 of Robot?

    User MArk B. (mkbutler@russellmellon.com) posted:

    Your installation might be screwed up. Try an uninstall and reinstall. You
    might want to go into the registry and hard drive and blast anything
    Rational after the uninstall.

    MArk B.

    "AJEsser" <ajesser@picwisconsin.com> wrote in message




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