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I indicate Build using the build number of the app. "3 00 0981" for example.
Then I create log folders for each OS/Platform configuration I'll be testing
on. (Possibly only creating them as they are used). Examples, "Win95 Local",
"WinNT Local", "Win95 CltSvr". Log name is the name of the shell script. If
I run the same shell script on the same build but I want to keep the
existing log then I'll append a space and a lower case letter to the name of
the script. i.e. "Main Shell a".

I think Test Manager changed enough in version 2k1 from 2k that you wouldn't
be able to use what I tried to do.

I never could figure out much of what anyone was thinking when they designed
the TeamTest to ReqPro requirements interface. I really wanted to too. It
simply doesn't allow for iterations. (In a manageable form anyway) You get
yourself a few hundred or a couple of thousand test requirements and you
sure as hell don't want to be going in to TestManager or ReqPro every
iteration and be manually updating whether a test past or failed, who tested
it and when, etc. You can't even see in ReqPro what test script is being
used to test a requirement. The integration, in 2k1 anyway, is mostly one
way and not very complete at that.

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