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Did anyone compile a list of QA professionals that can't seem handle email
rules. - (Add new email address to existing email rule processor about 2
minutes time for MS Outlook). I had about 20 emails in my inbox that didn't
get rule processed - a hint that something changed, Then I saw the lyris

Did any one compile a list of QA professionals that cant read the bottom of
a Lyris generated email to determine how to unsubscribe.
It must be a bug with "their" email content, because I clearly see how to
unsubscribe at the bottom of each of my inbound SQA emails.

Will the same group of QA professionals complain when they change "SQA Suite
Team Test Users" to maybe "Rational Team Test Users".

I guess "Team Test" QA professionals need much more training then their
companies are giving them.
And so it goes....