User Nitin Patil ( posted:

Hi all,

While recording JDK1.2.2 sample demo for JFC (application FileChooserDemo

I got following recording while setting the Drive:

Window SetContext, "Caption=MyAction", ""
ComboBox Click, "JavaCaption=MyAction;\;Type=ComboBox;Name=Loo k in:", ""
ComboListBox MakeSelection,
"JavaCaption=MyAction;\;Type=ComboListBox;Name=Loo k in:", "Text=C:\"
ComboBox Click, "JavaCaption=MyAction;\;Type=ComboBox;Name=Loo k in:", ""

While, working with C++ applications, I use following line to select an item
by it's display text:

retVal = SQASetProperty("Type=ComboEditBox;ObjectIndex=2", "Text",

I am unable to use the C++ style with JAVA, it gives error code 1013...

Any help about this ? Or any help about how to handle the ComboBox
selections ??

Thanks in advance,

Nitin Patil