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    Silktest - vs- Robot

    Does anyone have a detailed comparison between Rational Robot and Segue Silktest that they can share with me? If you can please respond back as soon as possible, thanks.

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    Re: Silktest - vs- Robot

    I am also in the position as you are trying to Compare These two Tools before going in and buying

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    Re: Silktest - vs- Robot

    Please help needed. Pl help ASAP.
    I'm also evaluating Silk and SQA Robot. If somebody can help us give Side by Side comparison, that would be a great help.
    thanks in advance


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    Re: Silktest - vs- Robot

    I am eventually going to write a side by side comparison of all the tools well these (QARun, WinRunner, SilkTest, Cyrano and Robot) as well as the performance tools when I get time as I have used all of them but here are some basic overall guide to help you choose between Silk and Robot.
    1) First what toolset of Rational are you using e.g. are you using TeamTest or say Rational TestStudio. If Test Studio all in all you are going to get much more tools than any other vendor (may Compuware can come close) but not Mercury or Segue.

    2) How much time do you have to learn the tools. E.g. are you or your testers skilled in a development language like C, Java or VB. If they are and you don't need bug tracking and unit test functionality then SilkTest is much more function rich and flexible but it has a bigger learning curve than rational. Rational out the box is the easiser tool to learn out of the above.
    3) Support hmmm this depends I'm from UK and Rational has the edge over here but they are both not as good for support as Compuware and Mercury. Also if you are using an OO approach to development Rational wins hands down their Rational Unified Process (if implement with support) is excellent.
    4) They both allow you to test web apps as well as client server. They both allow you to test databases through SQL and an ODBC compliant driver. They both have facilities to test bitmaps and object properties.
    5) Both have plug ins to support additional environments but Segue has more.
    6) For maintenance of test scripts Segue is better as it has a similar facility to Mercury's GUI MAP using it's windows declartions to store logical names of windows that can be maintained centrally. Robot does not have this facility. As your scripts get bigger you will appreciate Segue for this.
    7) Segue has a recovery system called states (base states) that allows you to drive your application to a particular state and then run your tests from there the other tools do not have this facility. This is also a Godsend.
    Both langauges are extensible in that you can add your own functions (even win32 api) you can also call out side functions written in other languages.
    I could supply typical language snippets but not sure what purpose that would serve. In fact I will here is what the languages look like take snippets from their own guides.

    QARUN................filename= "c:\data\names.dat" ; a file containing names
    Open( filename, "readwrite" ) ; open it for read/write access
    Do ; start of loop

    sav = FilePos( filename) ; save the filepointer
    ReadLine( filename, nextname) ; read the next line
    RTrimStr( nextname) ; trim the trailing spaces
    If nextname= "Miss Vera Jones" ; if it is the right name

    FilePos( filename, sav ) ; move filepointer to start
    ; of line

    newname= PadStr( "Mrs Vera Westwood, 40 )

    ; pad new name
    WriteLine( filename, newname) ; update the record


    Loop While FileStatus( filename) <> 2 ; stop at end of file


    set_window ("Flight Reservation", 14);
    edit_set ("Name:",ddt_val(table,"Name"));
    button_set (ddt_val(table,"Class"), ON);
    button_press ("Insert Order");
    obj_wait_bitmap("Insert Done...", "Img2", 20, 31, 4, 94, 16);

    while (ddt_next_row(table)==E_OK);

    rc=ddt_set_row(table, 1);
    if (rc!=E_OK)



    testcase DBTest () appstate none

    // This test uses the functions in DBTester
    // to directly access an ODBC database

    INTEGER id, iheadID
    STRING sDeptName
    HDATABASE hdbc
    HSQL hstmnt

    // connect to Powersoft Demo DB
    hdbc = DB_Connect ("dsn=Powersoft Demo DB V5;PWD=sql;UID=dba")

    // retrieve info from Department table
    hstmnt = DB_ExecuteSql (hdbc, "SELECT * FROM department")

    // process the information that came back

    print ("Here's the info in the Department table:")
    print ()
    while (DB_FetchNext (hstmnt, id, sDeptName, iheadID))
    print ("Dept: {id} Name: {sDeptName} Head: {iheadID}")

    // release resources (unneeded really
    // because immediately followed by disconnect)
    DB_FinishSQL (hstmnt)

    // disconnect
    DB_Disconnect (hdbc)

    // Results:
    // Here's the info in the Department table:

    // Dept: 100 Name: R & D Head: 501
    // Dept: 200 Name: Sales Head: 902
    // Dept: 300 Name: Finance Head: 1293
    // Dept: 400 Name: Marketing Head: 1576
    // Dept: 500 Name: Shipping Head: 703


    Function SQAGetPropertyNames( objectRec As String, propertyNames() as String) As Integer
    Dim ret%
    Dim sList as Variant
    ret = SQAGetPropertyList( objectRec, sList)
    If ret <> sqaSuccess Then
    SQAGetPropertyNames = ret
    Exit Function
    End If

    Dim cObj%
    cObj = SQAGetListCount( sList )
    ReDim propertyNames( 0 To cObj-1 )

    Dim i%
    Dim vName as Variant
    For i = 0 to cObj-1
    ret = SQAGetListItem( sList, i, vName)
    If ret <> sqaSuccess Then
    SQAGetPropertyNames = ret
    Exit Function
    End If
    propertyNames(i) = vName
    Next i

    SQAGetPropertyNames = sqaSuccess

    End Function

    SO there you go but to conclude.

    Just test tool against test tool Silk will win if you have the time to learn and you don't need bug tracker and some of the additional bits from Rational.

    Hope this helps

    The Test Force is strong in this one



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