Hello, everyone! I have some problems in testing java desktop application (Rational Robot v., OS Win Xp), need your help!

There is a "javatable" element in my app, in some field there is a combobox element, that appears only after click on table field. RR records it, but it can't find the element while playback.

The second string causes an error:
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>JavaTable Click, "JavaCaption=test1;\;Type=JavaTable;Index=1", "StartColTitle=title1;Row=3;Coords=82,8"
ComboListBox Click, "JavaCaption=test1;\;Type=ComboListBox", "Text=Some_text1" </pre><hr />

I found out that RR inspector doesn't see combolistbox element before I provide click on appropriate table field. I guess there must be some simple solution (kind of "refresh" command), but now for me it's dead end!

Please, give me some advice!