I just installed robot v7.0.3 in my XP test enviroment.
It crashes very quickly when i have opened/run anything in it. There always has a pop up error message box saying - An unhandled win32 exception occurred in rtrobo.exe [2688]. Just-In-Time debuging....
Anyone knows how to fix? I tried to re-install everything but won't work.

I also have a question about robot v7.0.3.
1)I won't be able to istall the latest test manager (v7.0.2)
with it? the IBM installation manager does not allow. So what if i want to do things like managing test datapool and viewing test result?

Only with robot v7.0.3, i don't know how can i archieve the thing i mentioned above

should i try quality manager??

Note that, the installation copy of robot v7.0.3 does not come with test manager or any similar component. Without such component i don't see i can setup and run my automation test script.