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    Running multiple test suites

    I have 6 different test suites that I need to run concurrently. Can I do this from one master computer with Rational Test Agent running six machines or will I need more licenses??

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    Re: Running multiple test suites

    If you have multiple test suites containing GUI scripts, you can insert them all into a single "higher level" suite. You just have to insert them in a way they run concurrently.

    If your test suites contain VU scripts, this is not supported that I know. You would have to incorporate it all into a single suite.

    Licensing is done on the master computer and the number of Test Agents is irrelavent. Each test you run, and you could run multiple concurrently, grabs a *complete* license large enough to run that test. Note: 1-user tests hold no license.

    I'm guessing you do not have six licenses, so if you have VU, you may have to incorporate it in to a single suite.

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