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This forum is only one of 46 seperate QA & testing forums in 4 categories.
Categories are;
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PerformanceStudio (this forum) is for discussion & questions about Rationalís Performance Testing tools and VUc scripting. Officially, the name PerformanceStudio is no longer used by Rational, but it is still the easiest way to distinguish performance testing activities from functional testing activities using TeamTest and/or TestStudio.

For TestManager questions not related to performance testing please visit the TestManager forum.

For Robot questions not related to VUc scripting or performance testing, please visit the Robot forum.

For non-tool specific questions about performance testing please visit the Performance and Load Testing forum.

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P.S. Stop by the QAChat.net (Chitchat)forum under Misc Forums and introduce yourself.

Scott Barber, Sr. Performance Engineer
sbarber@noblestar.com http://www.noblestar.com http://www.perftestplus.com

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