Step1: When I try to open RPT(version 8.3) then after selecting workspace it shows a pop up which says:
“IBM Rational Performance Tester” license Key cannot be found.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig1.jpeg[/IMG]

Step2: In the pop up there is an option “manage licenses”. When I clicked on it “manage licenses” window opened up.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig2.jpeg[/IMG]

Step3: Then I clicked “apply license” button in this window. IBM installation manager opens up.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig3.jpeg[/IMG]

There I selected “configure floating license type” radio button (because my license type is floating type) and clicked next.

Step4: In the next step I accepted the license agreement and clicked next.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig4.jpeg[/IMG]

Step5: In the next step “floating license support window” opens up.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig5.jpeg[/IMG]

There I selected “enable floating license enforcement” radio button. I entered server ip as and port as 27001 (as given by my company persons. I also tried with port 27000 but problem still comes). I clicked next. “License usage summary” window will open up.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig6.jpeg[/IMG]

Step6: Then I clicked “finish” button.
“manage licenses ” window will open up.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig7.jpeg[/IMG]

Step7: I clicked “finish” button in this window.

I returned back to “manage licenses” window of step2.
Here I clicked “refresh license status” button. But after pressing refresh it is still showing “no license key available” in column “license status”.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig8.jpeg[/IMG]

I clicked “exit workbench”.

Step8: I again started RPT.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig9.jpeg[/IMG]

It again gives the same problem as described in step1.

[IMG]C:\Users\TEMP.HCLTECH\Desktop\rpt problem\fig10.jpeg[/IMG]

Any help will be appreciated.