Hi there

I'm pretty new to performance testing / reliability testing, having being transferred here from manual testing due to showing some aptitude for working with linux, vm's and scripts.
I'm not bigging myself up, far from it, there is a huge amount I don't know, and really I'm just threading water here.

So lately we have started to use RPT and its a nice tool, if a little difficult to figure out for the first time, there is a lot too it.

I have just completed a 24 hour run, and 1 of my 60 virtual users failed. I dont know why. lol I need to know why. Is there a way by which I can find out why?

When the test is running i can watch live the events of a single user, what pages they are hitting and whats being returned.
Is there a way I can , go back and view the events, to see why a given user might have failed?

thanks for reading,

ned .