Dear all,
Actually the events are getting increased while recording but while the test generation I am getting "NTLM authentication" and I have given my system password and I have given "open test".
In the script generated I can see only the empty transactions name which I inserted while recording (No request and response I could see in the script).
I have used the option "direct connection to the internet". I am getting Internet explorer cannot display the webpage.
As a workaround I have changed my internet settings when I get the "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage" and I opened the application, the application is getting opened successfully but the events are not getting increased.I have a http transaction in this engagement which I generated with the below settings
Recording Method:
Record traffic with the proxy recorder
Proxy type:
Connection to the network:
Direct connection to the internet. Only if I give this settings the script is getting generated without NTLM authentication.
The events are getting captured for the HTTPS transaction only if I un check "override browser settings" option.
Is there a way in RPT to directly interact with internet without the proxy mode of recording.
Kindly advise.
Thanks and Regards,
Vivek V