Dear all,

I am working with Rational Performance Tester 8.2 in Windows XP Service Pack 3. I was told with the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft Windows XP, the SP2 has introduced a feature that limit concurrent TCP connection attempts that are possible to 10 per seconds (see This feature impact the execution of Performance Testing depending on the settings you are using in Rational Performance Tester.

I am trying to execute the instructions that are in I have accessed the offset 4f322 in the tcpip.sys file, but the content is not "0a 00 00 00". I tried to overwrite the content (writing "00 00 0a 00"), but it didn't work (I had to copy the backup of tcpip.sys back to "windows\system32\drivers" to be possible to open pages in browser again). Have somebody had this problem? Does anybody know the solution without downloading a patch (my company doesn't allow to install patches not homologated by Information Security Area)?

Thank you