When i run a per recorded RPT script it throws the below errors.
1."HTTP status-code verification point failed. Playback status-code '404' incompatible with test status-code '200'."

2.HTTP length verification point failed. Playback length of '1518' bytes was not within the range of '18743' and '22907' bytes.---
This we can overcome by adjusting the Playback length,but 60 VP have failed so it would be difficult to modify them all.

3.A failed reference occurred in a prior request. Since the reference id [v3] was null, we were unable to substitute a new value for the original string [] at offset [46] and your request may have failed. Please inspect prior requests for reference failure and corrective guidance to avoid this in the future.

Does any body know why i am getting these failure errors.Is there any setting i need to do to avoid these.Please help as i am stuck up and not able to move further.