Could you please help me in the below problem on RPT tool.

I have installed Agent controller (RAC)version 7.0.1 on windows 2003 server and RPT Version 7.0.1 tool installed in my work machine. The remote agent controller is available in port 1002 (Not in 10002). But I'm not able to connect the Agent controller from my machine.

I followed the below steps to change the PortID in Agent Controller.

1. Edit ServiceConfig.xml file by changing the portid 10002 to 1002 (because 1002 port is opened in Windows Server Box, so I configured to new port ID as 1002 instead of 10002)
2. Restarted the Agent Controller

But I'm not able to connect that Agent from my machine thru RPT.

Is there any changes I need to do it in RPT tool(changes in default portID for Agent controller in "Preference" menu). Please suggest me.