I am relatively new to performance testing and am using Rational Performance Tester

I have a recorded test that logs in, selects an item from a list, approves the item and logs out. This works just fine for the first iteration. But if I attempt to loop the iteration, the users all log in for the first iteration, select and approve, then log out. When the second iteration starts, the users log in and eventually log out but when I check the database, I only have a completed transaction from the first iteration.

I created a second user group, set both groups for one iteration and observed the same behavior as above. The second group logs in but does not complete a transaction.

The only way I've been able to actually get a successful completion of numerous transactions is to have one user loop multiple times. This totally defeats the purpose of what I'm trying to do, which is see the behavior of the application with numerous users working at the same time.

I have my datapool set as segmented and to wrap if it reaches the end. I've tried changing the datapool to be shared as well as private but nothing is working.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.