For a project we use an external keyword loading engine. This engine reads line by line through a test script and reads the keywords. The are passed back to a function in a testing tool. This engine is a .DLL application and contains some wrappers to C++, Java and VB.

For example, with WinRunner you load the DLL, import (extern int functionname) it's functions and use it: StartEngine() etc..

I wish to use this engine in RFT also if possible. I have a Engine.class/java file which contains method calls for the dll(some translations thing). I would like to create an instance of this class so I can use the methods in it.

Any idea's about this? I tried to put in in a superhelper class but that gives some strange errors.

If you have the time, could you have a look at my project?
Here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~lsekonin/RFT.zip
Also I provided the keyword engine. You may install that. (especially after installing the directory c:\testframe\scripts might be of interest).

If there is a way to talk to the DLL in a procedural way(like winrunner) I would be interested too.

Thanx a lot for any opinions and help!