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    Intellisense gone AWOL in VS2005 IDE?

    I am working with RFT7 trial version.
    I note that when working with a VB.net script then the intellisense just doesnt seem to work properly.

    For example if I start to type


    then I would expect the intellisense to come up with System as a suggestion almost immediately and then suggest console etc after the full stop. However nothing comes up at all.

    I have opened a standard non-Rational Functional Tester project VB.Net script VS2005 and intellisense doesnt seem to work there either. It works ok in a C# application though.

    Please could anyone let me know if they have had a similar experience.

    I am running RFT trial version (v.latest) against Vista (all critical updates both O/S and VS applied) on a Dual Core Dell Vostro.


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    Re: Intellisense gone AWOL in VS2005 IDE?

    Actually it was there all along, I was just expecting a more advanced version which seems to be part of c#. You can bring up available methods properties and such using ctrl-space



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