HI everybody,

i have been struggling with a problem in RFT.
i want to playback a script through command prompt.

we have been developing a framework in which we are defining our own functions. we are not using test object map concept etc,

when i am playbacking our framework driver script it playbacks fine, the problem is when i am trying to playback the script through command line it is not loading anytthing.

following is the statement i am using to playback the script through command prompt.

"C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\FunctionalTester\bin\rational_ftw1 1.exe" -datastore "D:\AFR\AFR" -rt.interactive true -rt.log_format text -log placeOrder -playback DriverScript -iterationcount 1

in the code D:\AFR\AFR is the path of our files like data sheets and driver script.

we are not using datastore concept.

please provide me a solution to my problm.