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    Need help on issues faced with RFT 7.02.1


    Recently I have installed RFT v7.0.2.1.
    I faced two problems with it:

    1.Inserting object to Object Map: When I am clicking hand icon and then moving it on Object, it selects entire cell and not the particular object which I want to select.--
    It works properly for when I am inserting for the first time. After inserting for first time if you learn another object immediately then it selects entire cell.

    2.Playback script: After playback the script, for some of the objects it gives me an exception message "No plausible candidate was found" but that object is already in the object map. If I try to hilight that object it shows the error message that "Couldnt find object.." and ask for configure the application even though I have configured the application.

    Please help me on this issues if anyone knows the solution.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Need help on issues faced with RFT 7.02.1

    Hi Vedika,

    I am not sure about your first problem, you may not point to that component acrutely.

    for second one, apparently that object is not shown in your application's UI. for example, when you record object, you use Product Car = 'Ford' and when you play back you may use Car = 'Honda' which look like same, but actually they are not

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    Re: Need help on issues faced with RFT 7.02.1

    I know with upgrading to rft 7 when you insert an object it adds a new recognition property to the parent dialog.

    eg: If u grab 'field1' from the parent dialog (screen1)
    Screen1->Table1->Field1 then check recognition properties for screen1 and you will see a new field 'Name=dialog1' or whatever for that object. delete it.

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