I've poked around the various testing forums looking for help on the following:

RFT - near the beginning of script execution, I would like to display a dialog box with a LOV containing the choices to be used with the startApp() command. Reason being we have multiple targets and will eventually have various versions of the product under test - don't want to have to constantly touch the script to change the target.

One poster (to someone else's similar question) said to use 'class InputDialog (org.eclipse.jface.dialogs)' and suggested the details could be found in RFT's helps (I couldn't find anything!).

Another poster suggested 'class JOptionPane' and indicated that a new line would have to be added to imports:
'import javax.swing.JOptionPane;'
but when I try to add it after:
'import resources.xxxxHelper;'
it disappears (why?)

At any rate, being a relative newbie I cannot determine if these work in the actual RFT script or if the must be put in a superclass file as pure Java and called as a function.

?? (Spoonfeed me, pleeeze!)