I installed RFT 6.1 on a colleague's PC (XP Pro)in another department last week. The way the user rights are set up on that group are that he can log in as a (local?) admin to install, then use his normal user for all his day to day activity.

We hit issues with the JVM when enabling environments for testing, and couldn't get any scripts running. Long story short after RFT uninstall/re-install & JVM tweaking!), he has to log in as admin to get the JVM running okay and for the env to be enabled successfully.

I've still to go back next week to ensure that he can tunn the suite of scripts now.

I was just wondering if anyone has came across any issues like this with RFT. A search of the forum, provided a couple of vaguely related issues, but would be interested to here from anyone, and in anyone knows for sure that you have to be a local/network admin user for RFT to run on XP?