Greetings Testers,

I'm involved in setting up Functional Tester in a small testing environment.

I've been looking far and wide for some information on setting up a proper directory structure and on safe usage of different projects and so forth but have been unable to come up with any literature about it.

The reason for my concern is that while evaluating RFT with a trial version of the software I let the wizard set it all up and before I knew it there were several folders, databases, all sorts of stuff, then more from TestManager and before I knew it it looked like the dogs breakfast. The program worked well though.

This time I have to establish the system on a network drive so the sole licence can be used by several users.

I'm also interested to hear of people's approaches towards projects for different apps and environments. Do you have a different RFT Project for each different environment of the same application?

Nothing worse than a messy directory so I want to set this up properly the first time.