hello everybody,

We are developing an ERP application in which is being developed in J2EE. I am creating automated scripts in XDE for testing this application.I am facing problems pertaining to Unexpected Window, which currently i am trying to handle it by overriding onObjectNotFound method, but in vain. The problems are as under:

1) In one of the scenarios in the application, we come across a situation wherein the application displays an unexpectd window, while trying to retrieve the data from the dialogbox where the data is embedded in the following hierarchy HTML dialog--->Frame------>table--->data. The question is if we need to catch the data shown by an object like an HTML dialog or by any window.. which is embedded inside multiple containers(frame, table etc.) and report it do we need to first recognize all the childs and grandchilds present inside the window? or is there any easy way out.

thanks in advance....


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