I've been reading the various forums trying to make a decision on which is better for my company. I'm only 24 and still wet behind the ears, so ANY help at all would be appreciated.
I've been playing around with QT Pro, Robot and XDE Tester for the last 2 weeks trying to decide which is best.
I found a lot of useful information on a post from last December but it doesn't talk much about XDE.
My team program a Java/EJB based web application written using Eclipse platform. I'm leaning towards XDE because of the Java background.
Whatever tool we buy it will only be used by the current programming team, no new QA people will be hired so I thought it made sense to stick with what you know.
I liked the ease of use of QTPro but I think to use more of the meaty functions will take a bit of training.
If any people have any comments please don&t hesitate.