We're considering using RobotJ for testing our Web application. We need to test in Windows and Linux as well as HPUX. RobotJ will support Windows and Linux and I have evaluated the tool and find it to work well. I like the object oriented nature and the fact that it creates Java code. Linux can only be used to play back, not record, so we'll need to record on Windows with Netscape for instance and then port it over to Linux. I am wondering how to deal with verification points and the like when dealing with Linux. Ihe Linux view is slightly different and the test that was recorded under Windows, fails under Linux, how do I update the tests. I have a feeling that any updates to the test for Linux must be done manually. I tested a web based app in IE and Netscape and then ran the Netscape test under Linux and it worked fine without any changes, but I am sure some changes will be needed in the future. Any help is appreciated. I will say that Rational has been very helpful during the eval (even came onsite twice) so that gives me a good feeling. We currently use SilkTest which I think is a great tool but it does not support anything other than Windows and Segue has no immediate plans to update their tool for Linux.