I am testing a Java application and I'm trying to use the compare() method of IFtVerificationPoint to determine when a certain cell in a table contains a specific value. I recorded the verification point baseline when the appropriate value was in the cell. However, compare() always returns true, even when I run my script with the incorrect value in that cell. If I use performTest(), I get the expected result - test passes when values match and fails when values don't match. Here's a snippet of the code I used to test this.

Boolean bComparison = new Boolean(AgentContactStatusTableCellsVP().compare() );
System.out.println("bComparison = " + bComparison.toString());


I would have ideally used a property value to determine the state of my applicaiton, but the table data does not appear anywhere in the properties list (so I am trying to use the data verificaiton point instead).

Thanks for any ideas.