RTTS, designers of the popular TeamTest Expert-Level Automation Class (TELA), is pleased to announce the realease of our new course: TeamTest Expert-Level Automation (TELA) for Java and Web Testing!

TELA for Java and Web Testing is designed to introduce students to the object-oriented concepts and Java programming skills necessary to create and maintain robust scripts using RobotJ. The course includes lecture and lab assignments.

Object Oriented Concepts: Classes, methods, inheritance, polymorphism
Variables: declaration, datatypes, scope
Operators: mathematical, logical, string
Control Flow Structures: if and switch blocks; for and while loops
User-defined methods, classes and packages
Arrays: single and multidimensional
Exception handling
Dynamic Verification Points
Eclipse Debugger
String parsing
Regular Expressions
Data handling techniques and routines
Files: creating, reading from, writing to
Database access through SQL calls
Win32 API and Java Native Interface
RobotJ API

For more information about taking TELA for Java and Web Testing, visit http://www.rttsweb.com/training/rational or contact Dan Chirillo at 212-240-9050 x30 or dchirillo@rttsweb.com