Hi. I've been plowing through trying to get RFT to recognize not just custom control objects in our app, but plain old activeX and other windows MFC objects, with limited success. Using a LOT of regular expressions, which work great. However, one issue, for example, is that a menuItem test works fine on a custom control menubar that is accessed via the index, but when trying the menuItem test on the second menuIndex, the script fails with a recognition failure error. Running the script alone works fine. But when calling that same script from a callScript command, it fails as mentioned above. Anybody have any experience in plowing through such a project? Rational's approach is to either use the Proxy SDK, which I'm willing to do, but it's not straightforward (at least to me), or to contract the custom control Proxy coding to a third party. Sure isn't like the old SQA/Rational Robot days where I loved working with the product. Any help would be appreciated!