Good day to all,

I usually try to help people in this forum, but I need some assistance now, as I am a bit in a pickle testing a web application that was developed to include GWT. I have found a couple of posts about GWT and RFT in this forum, but no real solution.

I have designed my framework to dynamically find the various objects in our web applications (I use it for several products). This works pretty well.

I was recently given the task to automate the testing of a new application. While I can dynamically find the various controls, RFT will not, for some strange reason, interact with some of the controls.

A top level menu item will be a button and a submenu will be a link. This is kind of weird. I can find and click the button control but RFT will not click on the link (submenu) after finding it. Well, that is not completely true. Sometimes it will work properly and most of the times, it will not. I ran the code in debug mode and RFT can find the item and report its properties properly. It just does not always interact with the controls.

Recording a script and replaying it does not work either. Actually, RFT will not find most of the objects that it put in the script.

I did some searches on the web and it appears that applications that include GWT will generate random object IDs and properties at run time, which is a problem for RFT and other tools.

It appears that you can add a set of Selenium libraries to RFT, but I have never added libraries to RFT before and am not sure as to how to use these libraries after adding them into RFT.

Would anybody have information on how to deal with these issues (GWT applications, adding and using libraries, etc.), or any tips that would help?

BTW, I am using RFT via Eclipse, IE 8, Windows 7 64-bit.

Thank you,