Despite the examples provided in this forum, I am not able to create the correct syntax for selecting one or more entries in a listbox control WHEN I create my own class to manage the listbox functionality.

What I am doing wrong? Am I leaving out an import?

When I do a "recording" of the selections from a listbox, I get the following results below.
The Test Object Class Name list_advindustry is indicated to be SelectGuiSubitemTestObject.

// Document: Jobs:
list_advindustry().click(CTRL_LEFT, atText("Advocacy"));
list_advindustry().click(CTRL_LEFT, atText("Agriculture"));
For purposes of centralizing functionality of the controls, I have created a class module for the listbox.
I was successful with getting the RFT code functioning properly but the RFT java code is not giving me the same results.

Although the code sample does not show it, I do pass the listbox object to the variable mobj. Through intelli-sense, I can then get the proper code syntax to set a single selection and multiple selections of the listbox.

I should be able to create the same syntax as I did in the version
' For the first selection

' For the second and other selections
mobj.Click(CTRL_LEFT, AtText(strSelection))
Imports Rational.Test.Ft.Script.SubitemFactory
Imports Rational.Test.Ft.Script.RationalTestScript

Namespace ControlLibrary

    Public Class WebListBox

        Dim mobj As Rational.Test.Ft.Object.Interfaces.SelectGuiSubitemTestObject

        Private Sub Make_Selections(ByVal Selections() As String)

          ' [Other code here]

          Select Case x

            Case 0
              ' Single selection

            Case Else
              ' Multiple selections
              mobj.Click(CTRL_LEFT, AtText(strSelection))
          End Select

        End Sub