Good day to all,

Using RFT and IE6, I was able to stop the running of a scrip using the F11 function key. The F12 key was also used to pause the script.

Now that I have a new computer with Windows 7 + IE8 + RFT, the scripts seem to work somewhat (not sure if the problems are with RFT or the application). However, I am no longer able to use the F11 key to stop/abort the running of a script. Pressing the F12 key still pauses the script.

The funny thing is that F11 is also an IE shortcut, causing the browser window to toggle between regular view and full screen view. Things worked properly in the older versions, even though they had the same key binding.

According to the key bindings in RFT, I can use a shortcut to terminate the script (Ctrl +F2), but that is only valid in debug mode, not when just executing a script.

And, as my laptop is locked down, I cannot change the shortcut keys for IE.

Would anyone have any idea how to bind another key (or keys) so that I can stop a script using the keyboard?

Thank you,