I have a problem with loading of java applet in IE8 after IE8 was recognized/injected by RFT 8.2.2(reproduced on RFT 8.2.1).
Steps to reproduce:
Configuration: WinXP 32, IE8, SUN Java 6 Updates 10-17 with Next-Gen plugin.
1. Open IE (do not open page with applet).
2. Run any automation script with IE, for example:
> TestObject[] browsers = RootTestObject.getRootTestObject().find(atChild(". class", "Html.HtmlBrowser"));
>System.out.println("" + browsers.length);
3. Try to open any page with java applet, for example:
The java applet is not loaded.

Applet works fine without RFT influence.
Applet loading works fine after I disable Next-Gen plugin.
My applet needs Next-Gen plugin, so I can't disable this mode.
I have several computers in my test lab where applet loads fine on described configuration, and several with this problem. I'm unable to identify reason of problem.
If I open page with applet before starting RFT script, then IE will load other applets fine.