I have the IBM RFT text book and in there is a section on how to add a variable to a SECOND datapool. I want to do the same thing, but to the datapool currently associated to my script - lets call it datapool1. When I use the code from the book it looks like this (where dp2 is the second datapool):

dpFactory.addVariable( <font color="red"> (org.eclipse.hyades.edit.datapool.IDatapool)dp2, </font> variableNameToAdd, variableName);
dpFactory.save((org.eclipse.hyades.edit.datapool.I Datapool)dp2);

What I'm not sure about is how to I refer to my datapool associated to the script (in red in the code above it uses the second datapool). I tried just putting datapool1 but that doesn't seem to work - is there a specific way to refer to the datapool associated to the script (datapool1.rft.dp)?